Auto Repair Services

ASE Certified TechniciansOur ASE certified technicians have the latest equipment to service both import and domestic vehicles. We are a one-stop shop capable of addressing all your automotive needs from oil changes and state inspections to complete engine and transmission overhauls.

  • Houston Oil Change

    Oil Change

    A major part of extending the life of your vehicle is keeping up with regularly scheduled oil changes. Often referred to as the lifeblood of your vehicle, oil does more than just lubricate essential engine parts. It removes impurities, like dirt and other deposits from your engine, and even helps to keep your engine cool by reducing friction.

    Our oil change service helps maintain the value of your investment.

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  • Tire & Wheel Service Houston TX

    Tire & Wheel Service

    Tires may be the unsung heroes of your daily commute, and keeping them in tip top condition is a serious safety consideration. Sudden stops, extreme temperatures, and even road debris can threaten the life of you tires. To help your tires live a long life, tread should be checked and the tires rotated at regular intervals.

    We handle everything from balancing & rotations, to alignments, to new tires sales.

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  • Brake Service & Repair Houston TX

    Brake Service & Repair

    Perhaps the most vital mechanical component to driving safely, the brake system protects everyone on the road. There are several factors that go into when you should have your brakes changed, and the answer may not be the same for every driver.

    However, periodic brake system inspections can go a long way in avoiding expensive repairs and keeping your vehicle safely on the road.

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  • Car Battery Service & Sales


    Let’s face it, battery problems never happen at a good time. While there are some common things you can do to help extend your battery life, early detection of battery problems is essential in ensuring you car starts when you need it most.

    Having your battery tested by our ASE certified technicians during your routine oil changes is a simple and efficient way to make sure that your battery won leave you out in the cold.

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  • Houston Car AC Service

    AC Service

    On a hot Texas day, there’s nothing like that refreshing blast of chilled air. There are many parts that go into providing that cool comfort, which all need to be maintained in good working order. With time, parts such as, seals, o-rings, and hoses wear out.

    When parts of your air conditioning system wear out, your refrigerant leaks creating a danger to both your comfort — and the environment.

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  • Transmission Service & Repair Houston TX

    Transmission Service & Repair

    Transmission problems can be among the most expensive repairs for your vehicle. The good news is that, like most of the other components of your vehicle, regular transmission maintenance is the best way to avoid costly problems.

    We handle everything from routine maintenance (transmission fluids and filters) to complex transmission repairs, even transmission replacement.

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  • Vehicle Tune Up Houston

    Tune Ups

    The term tune up has changed in meaning over the years. For today’s vehicles, a tune up represents a set of services designed to ensure that your vehicle operates at peak efficiency & safety.

    These commonly include checking & replacing spark plugs, wires, air filters, & inspecting the overall condition of your vehicle.

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  • CV Joint Maintenance & Repair Houston TX

    CV Joints

    Have you ever made a turn and heard a “thunk” from one of your tires? The noise can also sound like a “clicking” when you turn.  If so, then you have likely had CV joint problems in the past.

    The CV joint is a collection of bearings and cages housed in the CV boot attached to your axle. When your CV joint is in good operating order you car rides smooth, if it isn’t you will know.

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  • Diagnostics


    Today’s vehicles are equipped with a wide range of electronic control systems. Pressure sensors, airflow sensors, position sensors and even oxygen sensors, as well as a central control computer to monitor it all.

    A computerized engine diagnostic test is a way to find out how your vehicle is doing internally and, like an x-ray, is often the best way to diagnose problems.  Select locations also offer computer re-flashing.

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  • Fluid Flush Service

    Fluid Flushes

    There are many critical fluids in your vehicle such as transmission fluid, oil, coolant, and even windshield wiper fluid. After sometime some of these fluids, such as transmission fluid, can start to degrade and lead to serious engine problems. Other fluids can become contaminated leading to expensive repairs.

    Car manufacturers recommend having fluids flushed and replaced every so often to ensure that your vehicle functions properly.

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