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Do your brakes grind and groan?


It might start as a soft squeal only noticeable when you pull up to a drive-through window and escalate into a bothersome grinding and groaning whenever you brake at a light. This racket is not mindless grumbling and complaining of parts and components; your car is talking to you, and what it has to say is important.

Any unusual sound coming from the vicinity of your wheels may mean that your brakes need attention. Drums, rotors, calipers and brake pads do wear out and will periodically need to be replaced. Because your brakes are part of your car’s safety system, it’s imperative to keep them in good repair, and the first step in responsible safe-vehicle maintenance is to respond to your car’s warning signals promptly.

Some brake noise may be normal. Many front-wheel drive vehicles and cars with semi-metallic brake pads may sometimes grind and groan when stopping at very slow speeds due to the front disc pads vibrating against the front rotor surface when the brakes are not fully applied. However, if this happens with every stop, the noise most likely indicates a problem that needs immediate service.

Most brake grinding, scraping or groaning noise means that the pads or other components are worn out. Delaying service is dangerous: your car may not be able to stop within a safe distance if the brakes are worn, and there is also the possibility that the brakes may fail completely.

Listen to your car. If your brakes grind and groan, having them inspected now by a brake expert is your single best course of action. Contact the service professionals at Louetta Automotive for a comprehensive brake inspection today.


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