5 Tips to Avoid Costly Car Repairs

With over 15 years of experience in the car repair industry, Louetta Automotive has seen it all. We’ve put our heads together to create the ultimate preventative list, one that will keep your car on the road longer and keep money in your pocket. Read and learn!

Stick To A Maintenance Schedule

Your owner’s manual recommends a maintenance schedule for a reason; it’s the ultimate preventative measure. Regular checkups offer the best way to catch issues before they develop into big problems. Skilled eyes can find problems that you might not even notice yet, and can resolve them efficiently and effectively.

Trust Your Instinct

Funny smell? Weird noise? Call your trusted service technicians! If something feels not quite right, then chances are that the issue isn’t in your head.

Give Your Car The Fluids It Deserves

Your car should always be loaded up on the essentials: Coolant, brake fluid, wiper fluid, and oil. If you don’t keep track of their levels, they can go from “full” to “empty” right under your nose… So make sure to check and top-off frequently!

Don’t Skimp Out On Oil Changes

The engine is the heart of your car – And just like a heart needs blood to function, an engine needs oil. Schedule regular oil changes to ensure that your engine doesn’t fall victim to excessive wear and tear.

Stop Procrastinating!

If there’s an issue with your car, bring it into the shop as soon as possible. It’s better to invest in a fix immediately, rather than have to grapple with permanent damage and a crippling expense if the problem is ignored!

As the premiere source for car repair, Louetta Automotive is proud to be your go-to source for all your car needs. So whether you require something as straightforward as an oil change or need technicians to diagnose an issue, always know that you’re in good hands at any one of our eight locations.

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