Air Conditioning Service & Repair


Texas temperatures are legendary, but your experience in your vehicle doesn’t have to reflect the scorching forecast. Louetta Automotive keeps you comfortable with our complete AC service options.

Keeping You Cool All Year Long

Our ASE Certified technicians are here to cover all of your vehicle’s air conditioning needs. We know how important a functioning cooling system is to the comfort of our customers – and we’re proud to provide a reliable solution. We deliver:

  • Air Conditioning Checks

  • Air Conditioning Recharge

  • Air Conditioning Leak Fixes

  • Air Conditioning Repair

With diagnostic equipment and top-quality repair equipment onsite, the Louetta team is here to deliver a broad spectrum of solutions to your vehicle. From a quick check to a complete overhaul, we bring better cooling to you.

Creating A Better Driving Experience

A faulty air conditioning system tends to make itself known. If you begin to notice compromised air flow, improper temperatures, or if strange noises accompany your AC, it’s important to get help from the professionals at Louetta.

We know how important a functioning air conditioning system is to our customers. Keeping your car cool is more than a comfort issue. It’s a safety concern.

In the height of summer, Houston temperatures can soar into the 100’s. Make sure that your vehicle is a respite from the heat with the help of Louetta Automotive. We’ll keep you – and all of your passengers – comfortable and ready for the drive ahead!

Three Point A/C System Check

Tire & Wheel Service


We will check the vent temperature, pressures in the system, and inspect your entire a/c system for any visible leaks. At this time we also determine if further testing will need to be performed on your air conditioning system.


If your air conditioning system is low on freon, we will need to add freon with a leak detection dye in order to properly isolate the leak.


Once a leak is identified, we will provide you with a written estimate of the repairs needed. In most cases, the repairs will be completed the same day by one of our ASE certified technicians and will carry a 3 year/36,000-mile nationwide warranty.

*The preceding list is for informational purposes only and may not necessarily represent the exact procedures that will be performed on every vehicle. When you bring your vehicle to Louetta Automotive we will thoroughly diagnose any problems with your a/c system and perform service and/or repairs only after providing you with a written estimate of all recommended services and/or repairs that should be completed.

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