Auto Questions Answered: Do I Have to Change My Car’s Oil Filter Every Oil Change?

oilchangeMaximize Your Car’s Efficiency

Oil filters are inexpensive but vital. They keep solid debris and buildup from entering into your vehicle’s engine so that your oil can do what it does best: Keep your car moving. Without a properly functioning filter, these particles can cause unnecessary wear and tear to the engine, which causes your vehicle to lose efficiency and harm the engine.

Generally, it’s a good idea to replace your oil filter every oil change. A used oil filter contains contaminants and particles. That is its job, after all: To capture all of the dirty debris and keep it from harming your engine. Changing your oil and keeping the dirty filter is counter-intuitive: It exposes your fresh, new oil to all of the particles that made the last batch dirty.

Trust The Experts At Louetta Automotive

Periodic oil filter changes are an economical way to ensure maximized efficiency for your vehicle. Take a look in your owner’s manual to learn more about your model’s recommended oil change schedule, then let the experts at Louetta Automotive take care of the rest. We are proud to offer solutions to your oil change needs, and will always provide you with a service that will help your vehicle stay on the road safely and reliably. Learn more about our filter recommendations and reach out to our team today!

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