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A properly functioning AC system is essential in Texas, especially during the summer months. If your car’s AC is no longer blowing cold and you’re searching for “car AC repair near me,” Louetta Automotive in Cypress is your answer. At Louetta Automotive, our experienced ASE-certified technicians offer quality AC repair and maintenance backed by exceptional customer service. 

Our technicians are AC professionals who are experienced in all aspects of AC service, from the computerized components in your system to environmental disposal concerns. To accurately determine exactly what service is needed, we’ll inspect the entire system for leaks, damage, and any other signs of trouble that may be present. We can get cold air blowing again quickly and help you maintain the performance of your vehicle’s AC system.

Top-Quality AC Repair & Maintenance For Your Vehicle

At Louetta auto repair in Cypress, you can rely on us for expert car AC repair and maintenance services. Our factory-trained, skilled technicians use the latest repair and diagnostic equipment for the following services:

  • AC system inspection (including vent temperatures and system pressure)
  • AC recharge service
  • AC leak repairs
  • Auto AC repair

Our goal is to provide the best services at prices you can afford. Make sure to check our specials page to help save you even more on your next car AC repair or maintenance services.

Keep Cool With Regular AC Maintenance Service

Without regular maintenance, your vehicle’s AC system loses roughly five percent of its original efficiency each year. You don’t want to wait until your AC is blowing warm air. Make sure it stays in optimal condition with regular maintenance service from the AC professionals at Louetta Automotive in Cypress.

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will provide the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Or feel free to get in touch with our experts at Louetta Automotive for advice.

Auto AC Recharge Service

It may be time for an AC recharge if the refrigerant in your vehicle is low or the AC system is no longer cooling properly. This service is a periodic maintenance job in which new AC refrigerant is added to the system, allowing it to start blowing cold air again.

During an auto AC recharge service, our technicians will start by checking the system for leaks or damage. If no leaks are found that need to be repaired first, the existing refrigerant will be evacuated (removed). Then, the technician will vacuum test the system and recharge it using the refrigerant that’s right for your vehicle. Your AC will then have the proper amount of refrigerant, free of contaminants, allowing it to work optimally.

Schedule An Appointment For AC Service Today

Trust the expertise of the ASE-certified technicians at Louetta Automotive for first-class car AC repair and service, as well as any other auto service needs you may have. We proudly serve the auto needs of drivers in Cypress and throughout the surrounding areas.


When To Have Your AC System Inspected

Beyond not having cold air, the most apparent sign of AC trouble, your car AC may also give you other indications that repairs may be needed, including:

  • Dampness or moisture inside the car: As your vehicle’s AC cools the air in your passenger compartment, it’s also dehumidifying the air. Under normal circumstances, the water pulled from the air drains away to the outside of the vehicle via the system’s evaporator. When a drain or hose becomes blocked, the moisture may back up and start to drain inside the car. If you’ve seen signs of water on your floorboards, blockage may be the problem.
  • Odors: Normally, the air blowing through your air conditioner shouldn’t have any odor at all. If it does, there may be mildew or mold somewhere in the system, which is often caused by excessive condensation or humidity. Mold and mildew may cause allergic reactions in some people, so be sure to have your system checked if odors are present.
  • Odd noises: You should only hear the steady whirr of the fan. If you hear rattles, clicks, or other unusual sounds, there may be debris caught in the system or your condenser may need to be checked.

Stay Cool With Regular AC Maintenance.

Your car’s air conditioner can lose about five percent of its efficiency every year without regular maintenance. In addition, car AC systems are fairly complex in today’s vehicles, so there are many types of components that may fail. The ASE-Certified AC pros at Louetta Automotive provide AC performance inspections to make sure every part of your system is in good condition and to determine if you have any minor issues that may lead to major repairs.

Don’t wait to have your car air conditioning system checked out if it’s not blowing cold air—schedule your service appointment today. And before you come in, check our coupons and specials page for the latest ways to save on expert auto service.

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