Your vehicle is an investment. But it’s also a pivotal part of your life. So you can count on our ASE certified technicians to give it the treatment it deserves - and to meet its maintenance and repair needs at every level.

Our certified technicians make “a cut above” the standard of every service. When you bring your vehicle to Louetta Automotive, you can expect:

  • One stop shop solutions

    Our team is equipped to deliver on all your automotive needs, and we have the technology to service both import and domestic vehicles.

  • Certified Expertise

    Every Louetta location is staffed by ASE L1 Master Technicians. This ensures consistent service and high quality every time.

  • Clear Communication

    During your visit, we will update you with a status phone call.

  • Customer Service

    Any issues with your experience? Our management team is here for you, and we’ll ensure that your needs are met.

Earning your loyalty is our top priority. Whether you’re visiting us for an oil change or transmission repair, our ASE certified technicians will bring that same level of first class service to your vehicle. Invest in the road ahead with Louetta Automotive!

Full Service Oil Change

A major part of extending the life of your vehicle is keeping up with regularly scheduled oil changes. Your car's oil does more than just lubricate essential engine parts. It removes impurities, like dirt and other deposits from your engine, and even helps to keep your engine cool by reducing friction.

Our oil change service helps maintain the value of your investment.

Check Engine Light Service

The experts at Louetta Automotive are capable of running diagnostics, repairing engine problems, and sampling exhaust emissions to find the specific reason why your “check engine” light came on.

Providing fast & efficient check engine light diagnostics from our 11 locations, our technicians are able to ensure that your engine needs are taken care of in a timely fashion.

Brake Service & Repair

Perhaps the most vital mechanical component to driving safely, the brake system protects everyone on the road. There are several factors that go into when you should have your brakes changed.

Periodic brake system inspections can go a long way in avoiding expensive repairs and keeping your vehicle safely on the road.

A/C Service & Repair

On a hot Texas day, there’s nothing like that refreshing blast of chilled air. There are many parts that go into a working A/C, which all need to be maintained in good working order. With time, parts such as seals, o-rings, & hoses wear out.

When parts of your A/C system wear out, your refrigerant leaks creating a danger to your comfort & the environment.

Battery Replacement

Battery problems never happen at a good time. Early detection of battery problems is essential in ensuring your car starts when you need it most.

Our Texas heat can weaken your battery charge and “pre-age” your battery quickly! Having your battery tested during your routine oil changes is a simple and efficient way to make sure that your battery will function properly.

Tire & Wheel Services

Keeping your tires in tip-top condition is a serious safety consideration. Sudden stops, extreme temperatures, and even road debris can threaten the life of your tires.

To help your tires live a long life, tread should be checked and the tires rotated at regular intervals. We handle everything from balancing & rotations to alignments.

Transmission Service & Repair

Transmission problems can be among the most expensive repairs for your vehicle. The good news is that, like most of the other components of your vehicle, regular transmission maintenance is the best way to avoid costly issues.

We handle everything from routine maintenance (transmission fluids and filters) to complex transmission repairs, and even transmission replacement.

Engine Tune-Up & Repair

The term tune-up has changed in meaning over the years. For today’s vehicles, a tune-up represents a set of services designed to ensure that your vehicle operates at peak efficiency & safety.

These commonly include checking & replacing spark plugs, wires, air filters, & inspecting the overall condition of your vehicle.

CV Joint Replacement

Have you ever made a turn and heard a “thunk” from one of your tires? The noise can also sound like a “clicking” when you turn. 

The CV joint is a collection of bearings and cages housed in the CV boot attached to your axle. When your CV joint is in good operating order you car rides smooth, if it isn’t you will know.

Computer Diagnostics

Today’s vehicles are equipped with electronic control systems that include sensors for tire pressure, airflow & even oxygen sensors as well as a central control computer to monitor it all.

A computerized engine diagnostic test is often the best way to diagnose problems. 

Drivetrain & Suspension

Your vehicle’s drivetrain and suspension systems are intrinsically linked. But both of them are critically important to the health of your vehicle - and your driving experience as a whole.

Keep your vehicle safe by investing in the health of your drivetrain and suspension systems.

Exhaust & Mufflers

Our exhaust & muffler services will keep your vehicle performing at its best and ensure that you can pass emissions tests with confidence.

Tapping into dynamic technology, we deliver a service customized to your make & model, so you can count on results that last.

Texas State Inspections

An annual inspection is a reality of vehicle ownership. But this service shouldn’t inspire stress - with the right team, the process is convenient and straightforward.

Louetta Automotive strives to make your state inspection a stress-free annual experience. Get in touch today to schedule your appointment.

Fuel System Services

Fuel a superior driving experience with Louetta Automotive. Our team will help your vehicle maximize its fuel system with a complete range of repair services.

Whether diagnosing the issue or implementing a solution, you can count on our mechanics to deliver service that will keep you in the fast lane.

Electrical Service & Repair

Issues with your electrical system can be difficult to diagnose unless you have the technology and expertise to pinpoint the issue.

Our electrical system service is designed to bring out the best in your vehicle - so you can get behind the wheel knowing that you are ready for the journey ahead.

Extended Warranty

We know you don’t want to worry about your car AFTER you leave the shop. When you get your car repaired at Louetta Automotive, you are automatically covered in our standard 36 month, 36,000-mile warranty.

Louetta Automotive also offers Lifetime Protection through our BG Products & Services program. Your vehicle’s repairs can be covered under the BG Lifetime Protection Plan.

BG Products & Services

Louetta Automotive proudly supplies our vehicles with BG products. As a leader in top-quality automotive fluids and maintenance service products, BG raises the industry standard, enabling us to deliver maximum quality for your vehicle.

Whereas most automotive fluid makers use a crude oil base, BG takes a different approach: All of their products are formulated from completely synthetic chemicals.

Fleet & Diesel

Your fleet is always on-the-road ready with Louetta Automotive. All of our locations deliver full-service fleet and diesel maintenance and repair solutions to clients in the greater Houston area.

We realize that your diesel trucks require specialized service, and our technicians are on-call and ready to deliver. Our dealer-lever coverage protects the performance and quality of all diesel engines.

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