Tire & Wheel Services


Your wheels keep you moving ahead – and Louetta Automotive provides the professional service to ensure that every single tire is ready for the drive.

Complete Tire & Wheel Solutions

We know that your tires are one of the most critical components of your vehicle. Our team is committed to helping maintain the condition, quality, and safety that they need to provide you with a secure ride.

Tires are an investment, and Louetta specializes in tire maintenance that helps prolongs the life of your tires and the safety. We serve the Cypress, Katy, League City, Atascocita & Houston communities with the following services:

  • Tire Repair


  • Fixing Punctured Tyre

    Balancing & Rotation

  • Checking TIRE Pressure

    Tire Safety Inspection

  • Checking TIRE Pressure

    Wheel Bearing Inspection

  • Checking TIRE Pressure

    Tire Pressure Inspection & Inflation

To extend the lifetime of your tires, it’s important to get them regularly checked, aligned, and rotated. The ASE Certified technicians at Louetta Automotive are here to deliver.

When to Schedule a Tire or Wheel Service

Although every car is different, it’s a good general rule to schedule a tire rotation every 5,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual for more information – or ask one of the Louetta technicians for advice.

Tire wear and tear is inevitable when you use your vehicle often. Factors like temperature changes, sudden stops, or road conditions can put extra stress on your wheels, too. But with regular care from certified technicians, your tires will serve you safely and effectively for longer.

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