Engine Tune Up Service

“Better” is the standard result of an engine tune up: Better safety, better performance, better gas mileage, and better power. The technicians at Louetta Automotive deliver a tune up service that will prepare your vehicle for the best driving experience – day in and day out. As an essential part of your vehicle’s maintenance plan, we ensure that you and your passengers are in for a safe ride.

Innovative Tune Ups

We take a holistic approach to our tune up service. When you bring your vehicle to one of our eleven locations, our professionals will deliver a diagnostic analysis to discover how we can deliver improved safety and increased performance.

Your engine is made up of many distinct parts, and it’s important that each one function smoothly. A tune up is the most effective way to bring consistent, quality care to your engine – and make sure that it’s living up to our rigorous safety standards.

Here’s how it works. One of our ASE Certified technicians will assess the condition of your vehicle using:

  • Diagnostic equipment to investigate ignition, fuel systems, and air filters
  • Visual inspection to analyze belts, hoses, and valves

Next, we implement the changes needed to keep your vehicle running on all cylinders. The result: Your car is ready for every journey down the road, and you can enjoy:

  • Repair Engine Motor

    Improved safety and reliability

  • Repair Engine Motor

    Improved fuel efficiency

  • Repair Engine Motor

    More power

  • Repair Engine Motor

    Lower emissions

  • Repair Engine Motor

    Better long-term quality

Your Texas Tune Up Source

We’re proud to bring a straightforward, effective tune-up service to your vehicle. Look at your manufacturer’s guide to map out a timeline for your service, but remember – sometimes your vehicle gives you hints that it needs a tune up.

If your gas mileage has taken a dip, your engine is stalling, or your vehicle feels like it’s short on power, it’s time to schedule a visit with the technicians at Louetta. We’re here to bring the best performance to your vehicle!

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