Check Engine Light Service


When the “check engine” light glows orange, it’s trying to tell you something. And it’s up to Louetta Automotive to find out. Our diagnostic service uses advanced technology to assess and address any issues, so you can get back on the road in no time.

We Help You Drive with Confidence

Your vehicle operates with a computer system that is designed to identify any issues. There’s just one catch: as the driver, you only see that the “check engine” light is on. But you can’t tell why it’s on.

Our team can help. We deliver a timely, detailed service that will identify the source of the light - so we can start addressing the issue and get you back in the driver’s seat. Our check engine light service includes:

  • Check Engine Light

    Advanced diagnostic technology

    Advanced diagnostic technology that delivers a real-time diagnosis for your vehicle

  • Check Engine Light

    Dynamic service

    Dynamic service that addresses the “check engine” needs of any make and model

  • Check Engine Light

    Expert technicians

    Expert technicians who can read diagnostic codes, so we know exactly what your vehicle needs

The Importance of Your “Check Engine” Light

There are some issues that car owners tend to overlook. Your “check engine” light shouldn’t be one of them. It’s critical to the health of your car for a few reasons:

  • Check Engine Light

    It’s an early warning system that helps you catch issues - big and small - early on

  • Check Engine Light

    It prevents a small issue from becoming a big one with quick diagnosis

  • Check Engine Light

    It helps you drive safely with a pinpointed engine diagnosis

There are many reasons that can cause a “check engine” light to turn on. And with the expertise of Louetta Automotive, you’ll uncover the source - and get a speedy remedy - so you can get back on the road with confidence.

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