Drivetrain & Suspension Service & Repair

Keep you, your passengers, your vehicle, and everyone else on the road safe by investing in the health of your drivetrain and suspension systems. Louetta Automotive delivers the tailored care your vehicle needs for success.

Investing in the Health of Your Vehicle

Your vehicle’s drivetrain and suspension systems are intrinsically linked. But both of them are critically important to the health of your vehicle - and your driving experience as a whole. But first, it’s important to know a little bit about the role that each system plays:

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    Drivetrain is the system that generates power to make your car go. You’ll sometimes hear this referred to as the powertrain. When it’s functioning well, your vehicle’s fuel economy is at its best.

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    Suspension is the system that transmits the power from the drivetrain to your vehicle’s wheels. It also ensures that your vehicle drives smoothly and consistently.

When Your Vehicle Is Asking for Help

The nice thing about your drivetrain and suspension systems is that they’re clear communicators. When they’re not operating at their best, it’s generally easy to tell. Louetta Automotive addresses issues linked to:

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    Grinding and whining noises when driving

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    Vibrations when your vehicle shifts gears

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    Transmission fluid leaks or discoloration

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    Alignment issues when driving

Our team will diagnose your drivetrain and suspension systems, then implement a tailored solution. Whether suspension components need replacing or your drivetrain needs to be tightened up, Louetta Automotive can help. The result? You’ll take fewer trips to the gas station - and you can drive confidently!

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