Oil Change Services in Spring, TX

One of the most important services you can get for your car or truck is also one of the simplest and most affordable—oil and oil filter changes. Regular oil change service from Louetta Automotive Spring auto repair helps protect your vehicle and keep you safely on the road.

The Benefits of Regular Oil Change Service

For such a simple product, motor oil provides powerful protection for your engine. Here are four of the most critical functions of the oil in your car or truck:

Minimizes wear and reduces friction

If your vehicle is low on oil, you’re increasing the likelihood that the metal parts of your engine are grinding together. At best, this causes excess wear and tear on the parts; at worst, your engine can seize up. Having moving parts well lubricated at all times is critical for both the performance and the reliability of your vehicle.

Removes excessive heat

Oil that’s fresh and clean absorbs heat and helps regulate the temperature of your engine. If your oil is dirty, it won’t just be unable to absorb heat but will reflect it. The result can be an engine that runs at temperatures higher than it should and the potential for problems down the road.

Prevents rust and corrosion

Engine components without clean oil and enough of it can have excessive rust and corrosion. Simply topping off your oil when levels are low isn’t enough, since the clean oil will merely mix with the dirty oil rather than clean it.

Cleans your engine

On its endless trips through your engine, one of your motor oil’s most important jobs is to collect grime and dirt that normally builds up in an engine over time. Dirty oil and a clogged oil filter can hold only so many particles of contaminants until they eventually become a danger to your engine.

You can keep your car or truck running smoothly and efficiently with regular, high-quality oil change service. We’re proud to serve drivers in Spring, Tomball, Hufsmith, Kohrville and surrounding areas with expert oil change service performed by our ASE-Certified technicians.


Protect Your Vehicle With Regular Oil Changes

We recommend having your oil and your oil filter changed every 3,000 miles or every three months, whichever comes first. This may seem to be too frequent, but considering the power of clean oil and a clean filter to protect your engine, this frequency will pay off in a better running vehicle, better fuel efficiency, and an engine that has the lubrication and protection it needs for the best performance and reliability.

At Louetta Automotive, we use only the best products to ensure your investment in your vehicle is protected. Our high-quality motor oils include:

  • Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil, which has fewer impurities than crude oil
  • Valvoline Synthetic Blend to clean and protect engines with high mileage
  • Valvoline Premium Conventional synthetic blend for the best protection in severe driving conditions

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