Be Diligent About Changing Your Car’s Oil and Filter

Modern cars are more durable than even before, and simple maintenance can help your vehicle last for hundreds of thousands of miles. However, diligence is important, and the most basic element of car maintenance, changing your oil and filters, is essential.

Oil Protects Your Engine

The most important, and expensive, part of your car is your engine. Car engines contain a number of moving parts than come into contact with each other, and oil prevents them from causing damage. Without effective oil, your engine’s lifespan will drop significantly. Filters play a crucial role as well by preventing contamination.

Oil Degrades

Oil degrades over time as its molecular components break down. When this occurs, your oil will become less effective at preventing damage. In addition, oil eventually becomes contaminated by small pieces of metal, and these pieces, no matter how small, will degrade engine parts. Changing your oil allows you to remove these small contaminants and prevent damage from accumulating.

Winter Damage

Oil performance degrades in the winter thanks to the colder temperatures. As the temperature drops, oil becomes less viscous, and it will be unable to appropriately coat you engine. As oil degrades, it becomes even less effective in winter. While oil changes are important in all climates, those in colder locations must be even more diligent.
Different car models have different maintenance requirements, and even individual cars of the same model can react differently depending on the climate. For expert advice about different oils available, contact Louetta Automotive.

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