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BG Products & Services

BG Products & Services


Louetta Automotive proudly supplies our vehicles with BG products. As a leader in top-quality automotive fluids and maintenance service products, BG raises the industry standard, enabling us to deliver maximum quality for your vehicle.

There’s No Contest When It Comes To Quality

Performance is our priority, and BG is our tool of choice. Whereas most automotive fluid makers use a crude oil base, BG takes a different approach: All of their products are formulated from completely synthetic chemicals. There’s no contest when it comes to quality. Synthetic fluids handle high temperatures with better adaptability and deliver better quality and longevity. This means:

  • Your vehicle won’t require oil changes as often
  • The lifetime of your vehicle will be extended

BG Automotive Services:

Louetta Automotive We feature bg Products
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    Fuel/Air Induction Service

  • bg

    Differential Service (Front and Rear)

  • bg

    Transfer Case Service

  • bg

    Climate Control Service

  • bg

    Engine Oil Service

  • bg

    BG Battery Service

  • bg

    Headlight Restoration Service

At Louetta Automotive, your vehicle will always receive top care with BG synthetic engine oils, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluids. Our affiliation with this industry leader also includes other benefits to customers, including:

  • Lifetime BG Protection Plan: 

    This plan delivers an added level of protection for fuel, engine, transmission, drive line, coolant, power steering, and brake maintenance services.

  • BG on the Road: 

    With the purchase of a BG fluid change service, you’ll get roadside assistance when you need it.

We don’t compromise on quality for your vehicle. BG allows us to deliver the service you expect – and results that are built to last.

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