“Bumping” the Curb: Importance of a Good Alignment

Properly Aligned Vehicle

Every driver knows the meaning of the proverbial “curb bump” when parking their car. These scrapes, no matter how small, can have a negative impact on many aspects of a vehicle–however preventable they may be. Certainly some instances are due to driver error, but having a properly aligned vehicle can make all the difference. Hitting a curb due to bad alignment can cause costly damage to wheels and tires.

Is Your Alignment Seriously Off?

Wheels can very easily bend, and tires can develop dangerous bubbles and eventually blow out. Curbs are not the only negative impacts of a misaligned vehicle–tires and brakes can wear down unevenly, also resulting in costly repairs. In addition if the alignment is seriously off, or off for an extended period, a vehicle can develop either negative or positive camber. This misalignment of the wheels with regards to the body can develop and cause even more costly issues; not to mention safety concerns.

Essential suspension parts can be damaged by simple driving; eventually parts such as tie-rod ends, control arms, and even axles can fail altogether resulting in necessary repairs or even the possibility of a crash. Again, this is easily preventable. First indications of a poor alignment include the vehicle “pulling” to one side or the other, and uneven wear on tires. Any automobile shop that installs new tires has an alignment rack: it is a simple preventative measure, easily checked yet infinitely useful.

As a safety measure and to prolong an investment, maintaining a good alignment is critical in regular and prolonged vehicle upkeep.

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