Car Battery Problem Signs

A car battery Car Battery Problem Signsis one of those essential parts of the car that must be kept in good working order. Until it stops working, a battery often goes unnoticed. However, there are some warning signs of potential problems that we at Louetta Automotive want you to look out for. You should heed these warning signs to avoid possible danger!

Battery Cables

Problems with the battery cables may cause the car to work intermittently. The problem could be something as simple as the cables not being attached securely. The cables could also be broken or corroded.

Symptom: Difficult to Start or Needs “Jumped”

If the car is difficult to start in colder weather, that could indicate that the battery is weak. If the car has had to be jumped several times, it should be replaced even if it was a new battery.
With a good battery, a car should start immediately. There should not be significant trouble starting in colder weather. Problems with the battery are one of the main ways that people are stranded every year. This can be dangerous if the car stalls in an isolated area or in extreme weather conditions. At the very least, it is an inconvenience that can be avoided!

Avoid the dangers of having a dead battery by replacing it on a consistent basis. Keep a record of when the battery was installed, and be sure to replace it before trouble starts.

A new battery is relatively inexpensive; having to have a tow truck or emergency battery repair service when stranded may not be.

For your peace of mind, have your car’s battery replaced as part of a regular maintenance schedule. If you’re not sure about your battery’s life, bring it by one of Louetta Automotive’s convenient locations to check it out.

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