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Car Care Articles

Prepare Your Car For Spring

Spring is finally here!  After the winter, there are some things you can do to help get your car ready: Check Your Tires – Weather changes can increase or decrease your tire pressure.  Get it checked! Wiper Blades – Your wiper blades can go thru some harsh times during winter.  Have some fresh ones installed…

Q&A: What is the Primary Cause of Tire Damage?

A car without tires… Well, you can finish that sentence. We rely on this facet of our car 100%, and when they aren’t functioning properly, the result is inconvenient and costly. In the name of preventative action, the team at Louetta thinks it’s important to fill our customers in on the actions they can take…
Tune Ups

Q&A: What Really Causes Sludge in Engine Oil?

Is Your Vehicle Exposed? “Sludge” is what happens when the engine oil in your vehicle congeals and thickens. As your car’s engine is exposed to continuous wear, it begins to break down. This is accelerated by elements like moisture, oxygen, and unwelcome debris that find their way into the oil. When functioning properly, oil suspends…
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Q&A: What Do Brake Calipers Do?

We Count on Them To Work Our expectations of our vehicle’s brakes are pretty simple: We count on them to work. But the behind-the-scenes function responsible for this important part of every car tends to be sheathed in mystery. Allow Louetta Automotive to illuminate you: Most vehicles have a disc-braking system. This name refers to…

Q&A: What Do Brake Pads Do?

Are You Grateful For Your Brake Pads? We’ve all got a lot of gratefulness for our brakes. They’re the function that keep us — and the rest of the road — safe when we’re in our vehicles. But a lot of questions arise around the purpose of brake pads. Every braking system features calipers, which…

Q&A: What Happens When My Brake Line Needs to Be Replaced?

Are Your Brakes Reliable A brake system without a functioning brake line is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the peanut butter. It simply doesn’t work. You might laugh at the analogy, but the principle holds true. When you apply pressure on the brakes, your brake line carries brake fluid from the master…

Spring Maintenance Checklist: Radiator Flush

Spring To Do List Springtime is about to make its debut! And as we welcome a new season to 2015, it’s a good time to think about what attention your vehicle might need. When devising this kind of list, it seems that radiator flushes are too often forgotten. But if you want to stay cool…

FAQ: How Should I Prepare My Car for Winter?

The official start of winter is just around the corner, but the chilly temperatures have already joined us this year. Ensure that your car is ready to function safely and reliably this season and winterize it today! Here are the key components: Check Your Tires If you live in an area that gets lots of…

Q&A: What Should I Do if My Car Starts to Overheat?

Go-To Guide For When A Car’s Engine Overheats Virtually every driver is faced with an overheated engine at least once in their lifetime. If your temperature gauge on the dashboard begins creeping towards “H,” it’s time to pull over. Lift the hood and you might notice that the engine is smoking, which happens when it…

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Car Care Articles

Prepare Your Car For Spring

Spring is finally here!  After the winter, there are some things you can do to help get your car ready:…

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