Check the Tire Tread Depth and Tire Pressure

Tire Care Important During The Cold

The frigid environment of the winter puts a lot of stress upon the various components of your vehicle. In order to minimize the amount of wear and tear, it is essential that you properly prepare your vehicle for the decreased temperatures. Although proper tire care is important throughout the year, it is especially important during the colder months. Not only does neglecting your tires compromise the driving dynamics of the vehicle, it also increases your risk of being involved in a car accident.

Losing Air Pressure

As the temperatures begin to plummet, a vehicle’s tires have a tendency to lose air pressure due to the cold weather. Driving with less than optimum air pressure will dramatically decrease the longevity of the tires. A good rule of thumb is to check the tire pressure at least twice a month. This will help your vehicle to sustain a quality on-road performance.

Checking Tread Depth Of Each Tire

Another critical aspect of tire care is inspecting the tread depth of each tire. A slick set of tires is not able to provide good traction on the road surface. If the road is slippery due to icy/wet conditions, the vehicle could suddenly go spiraling out of control at any moment.

Louetta Automotive has expert technicians on staff that will make sure that your vehicle’s tires remain in tip-top condition. If your vehicle has any irregular tire wear patterns, the experienced technicians will be able to properly diagnose and repair the root cause of the issue. Do not risk navigating the frigid roadways without giving your tires the proper care.

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