Damaged Tire – Repair or Replace?

Damaged Tire - Repair or Replace?Suddenly discovering that you have a flat tire usually means having to decide to do one of two things: replace the tire or have it repaired. Most of the time, this decision is a very difficult one to make unless you know what to look for. If you are wondering which option is the wiser choice, consider the following factors.

The location of the leak is the first thing you should determine. If the tire has a slow leak, it is most likely that a screw, nail or some other sharp object has penetrated the tread. Search the grooves and spaces in between the tread for it.

If the object has created a hole that is less than .25” in diameter, a repair shop can insert a plug and save the tire if the tire tread is deep enough.

You can check the depth of your treads with a penny. If the top of Lincoln’s head is visible when you insert the penny upside down in a groove, you have less than .008” of tread remaining. Most tires with tread this worn will never hold a tire plug effectively, and they could even blow out at high speeds if they are repaired.

If you cannot locate the penetrating object, take a look on the side wall of the tire. If you can see that the air has leaked from cracks, splits or other damage here, the tire must be replaced. Repairs made to this area never hold.

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