Don’t Breakdown During Winter

Coping with a breakdown is tough enough, but most people will agree that a breakdown is worse in the winter. Cold temperatures are harder on your body and can be hard on your auto’s engine. Breaking down can expose you to freezing temperatures. With shorter days, there is a greater chance of breaking down at night, increasing health and safety threats.

Battery Breakdown

One big winter danger is a battery breakdown. This can be a straightforward loss of battery capability, but it may also be a problem with the terminals or the clamp connections. This can cause a voltage loss, which keeps the battery from functioning correctly or at all.  This often happens when you take many short journeys and seldom recharge your car’s battery. If taking a long journey, an overnight charge can help prolong your car’s battery life.

Louetta Automotive Battery Maintenance

Before buying a battery, it helps to check with a technician who can determine if the battery is the problem or if it is simply a loss of voltage due to a bad connection. Louetta Automotive specializes in all types of car maintenance and repair, including batteries. With multiple locations covering Houston, League City, and Cypress, Louetta Automotive is always nearby. Don’t let battery problems leave you stalled in the cold. Visit Louetta Automotive for a battery check and stop winter breakdowns.

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