Don’t Drive On Empty!

We’ve all acknowledged the fact that gas prices are steep, and they probably won’t come down any time soon. With that pinch on your wallet, especially when traveling longer distances, it may be tempting to drive a little bit longer prior to filling up. But driving on empty can have damaging effects on your vehicle:

Save Your Fuel Pump

Your cars fuel pump brings gas from your gas tank into the engine where it can be used. The fuel pump stays lubricated by the fuel that is in the gas tank. If your gas gets below a certain level, there is nothing to left to lubricate and cool down the fuel pump. This in turn makes your fuel pump work harder. Repairing or replacing a fuel pump can be pricey.

Heat Is The Killer!

Gas prices tend to go up in the summertime when travel is at its peak season. When you combine the heat from the summer air with an already overheated fuel pump, damage is imminent. Once your fuel pump gets overheated, it is likely to start causing problems immediately.

As painful as it may be, it is best to fill up before you reach ¼ tank. Developing this habit will surely save you from a costly repair bill. Check back with us every week for other money saving car care tips!

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