Don’t Let That Insurance Bill Get You Down – How to Save on Car Insurance

For some car owners, opening an insurance bill can seem like the opening scene of a horror movie. They take one look at the cost and – boom! – drop to the floor.

If you’ve been a victim of exorbitant insurance bills, then there are a few prevention measures that can make this problem a thing of the past. Louetta Automotive spills the beans on two of the biggest factors that can lower your car insurance costs:

Change Your Driving Habits

Many car owners report that their car insurance drops by 30% due to safe driving habits. If you’re a tailgater, a speeder, or a multitasking driver, then it’s time to stop in the name of cost savings! The more cautiously and defensively you drive, the greater the chance that you’ll avoid accidents and violations.

Treat Your Vehicle To Regular Checkups

It’s a simple formula: The more that vehicle owners perform car maintenance, the less they’ll have to deal with breakdowns. In addition, if you’re requiring towing regularly, then your insurance premiums are going to start inching ever-higher. By having a trained technician perform regular checkups, you’re reducing the risk of breakdowns, increasing the longevity of your car, and reducing the money that you shell out to your insurance provider each month.

Any questions on how you can save on car insurance through maintenance measures? Get in touch with the professionals at Louetta Automotive today!

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