FAQ: How Should I Prepare My Car for Winter?

canstockphoto13055356-300x199The official start of winter is just around the corner, but the chilly temperatures have already joined us this year. Ensure that your car is ready to function safely and reliably this season and winterize it today! Here are the key components:

Check Your Tires

If you live in an area that gets lots of snow and ice, it’s essential to outfit your vehicle with snow tires. If you don’t get hit with the elements, you should still ensure that your tire pressure is on par. It’s also a good time to replace your tires if they’re getting worn.

Upgrade Your Wipers

Nothing is worse than being stuck in a storm with windshield wipers that aren’t up to the task. Check the condition of your wipers and, if necessary, replace them.

Check Your Battery

Old batteries lose charge in chilly weather. Have a Louetta technician check the strength of yours so you’re not left with a car that won’t start this winter.

Remember, Louetta Automotive is proud to be your car repair and maintenance experts. We’ll provide the expertise to ensure that your vehicle is at its best, and we’ll do it efficiently and effectively. That’s simply the Louetta Automotive way!


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