How Often Is Tire Rotation Necessary?

When it comes to rotating your tires, the decision to do it or not is totally up to you. Some people say that we should rotate our tires at least every 6,000 miles, and others say that we should do it every 8,000 miles. There are even some who say that rotating the tires every 15,000 miles is plenty. The fact of the matter is that there is not a true universal figure that will tell you when and if to rotate the tires.

As you drive your car, the car tends to settle. This usually means that two tires are going to get worn out faster than the other two. A car that is front wheel drive is going to wear down the front tires faster because they are the tires supplying the power to the street and doing the turning as well. The rear tires do not do much of anything.

Theoretically, you might get more out of the tires up front by rotating them to the rear. Then, you have to figure that the back tires you moved to the front are going to wear out faster. Overall, there could be a disadvantage to doing this because now all your tires will wear down faster.

When you rotate the tires, your car will ride differently. This is why some people choose to not rotate their tires. The bottom line is that it is totally up to you whether you rotate the tires or not. Some see it as a benefit, and some see it as negative.

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