Importance of a Coolant Flush

It’s not enough to add more water and anti-freeze to your radiator as the fluid evaporates off. Even draining and replacing your coolant regularly will only go so far in extending your car’s longevity, because only about half of the fluid drains out of the radiator. Your car’s cooling system should be flushed–cleaned by circulating water and a cleaning agent throughout the engine–periodically to completely change out the old, dirty fluid.

 Protect Your Car

Modern aluminum engine components are prone to corrosion. Most coolants lose their anti-corrosive properties after two years, but anytime you see rusty fluid instead of green, red or orange, it’s time for a flush. A clean system will run more efficiently and protect your car.

Also, mineral deposits from water, gunk that accumulates from coolant breaking down, and residue from metal erosion as well as from parts that fail can clog the water pump. This makes your engine run hotter and impairs its performance. Flushing the system removes the sediments and sludge that accumulate over time.

Recommended Coolant Flush

Your car manufacturer may recommend a coolant flush every two years or 30,000 miles. Whenever worn-out parts are replaced a flush should be performed to prevent contamination of new components and extend their usefulness. Climate and the age or condition of your car may make it more prudent to change your fluids every year or even every season. Annual servicing by a professional ensures that your coolant system is also examined for leaks and defects.

Coolant flushes are an essential part of automobile maintenance. They can be done at home, but read the owner’s manual for specific directions on refilling the coolant in your car, as air can get trapped in the various nooks and crannies of your engine system.

Even better, let Louetta Automotive take care of the details for you.

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