Is Your Car Storm Ready?

There are few parts of the country where drivers never have to deal with rain, and coastal Texas is not one of them. Much of the secret to driving in hard rain is behavioral–slow down, stop if visibility is nil, stay out of water, and so forth, but the car itself can be a big help if properly prepared.


As tires wear, the grooves in their tread become shallower and less able to divert water. If the tires are worn or not properly inflated hydroplaning may occur.

Wiper Blades

Replacing the blades at least once a year ensures that they can deal with the large volumes of water that come with a storm. Some vehicles may also need new wiper arms.


Because of the low visibility during rainfall, drivers activate their headlamps to make themselves more easily seen. A storm-ready car must have all lights working properly.

Clean Windows

For the maximum in visibility during a storm, all the car’s windows should be cleaned inside and out, particularly if anyone smokes in the vehicle.

General Maintenance

Any time is a bad time for a car to break down, but the middle of a severe storm is a worse time than most. Mechanical problems should be dealt with promptly so the vehicle works when needed.

One of the best places in this area to get a car rain ready is Louetta Automotive in Cypress, where trained professionals know how to get any vehicle ready for the storms.

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