Keep Your Car Cool Inside In the Summer

Warmer weather, longer days, road trips; there are a lot of things that make summer, well, summer.  Another, less amusing item that summer brings, is a steamy hot car interior.  Not only does this create an uncomfortable climate, it can be hazardous to your health and cause damage to your vehicle’s surfaces.  Here are a few ways to beat the heat:

  1. Park In The Shade

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s easier said than done.  There are some giant parking lots in the Houston area, and not all of them have shade to spare.  Those coveted shady spots go fast!  If you expect to be parked for a while, follow the trajectory of the sun.  As it moves throughout the day, you can plan for your car to be in the shade at least some portion of the day.

  2. Invest In Window Coverings

    This can be accomplished one of two ways: temporary, movable sun shades; or permanent window tinting.  Sun shades are an inexpensive, effective way to block those harmful rays from damaging your car’s interior.  Window tinting not only helps with keeping the sun out, if done correctly, it can even raise the resale value of your car.

  3. Open Those Windows

    Keeping your windows cracked, even just a half-inch, can help hot air escape your car while it is vacant.  Once you return to your vehicle, go ahead and crank the air conditioning!  But don’t forget to open all the windows as well.  This will allow all that hot air to move out of your vehicle while your replacing it with the cool air from your air conditioner.

Professional Auto AC Service In Cypress TX

Here at Louetta Automotive, we want you to stay safe over the summer!  If your car needs an A/C service we’d be glad to help out.  Some vehicles have A/C filters similar to the ones you have in your home. It is important to check if your filter needs to be replaced. Choose from one of our convenient seven locations surrounding the Houston area, and an experienced service advisor will help you keep your car cool for the summer.

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