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As the spring temperatures begin to rise, your car will need to be prepared for the increased heat. Here some of the critical components to put on your checklist.


Old and deteriorated car hoses are a ticking time bomb. These are some of the very first items that car owners should inspect. Also check for any leakages around the radiator. Even a small crack could cause a tremendous loss of coolant.

Fluid Levels

All the fluids in the car should be at their optimum level. Low coolant and motor oil levels may cause the engine to suddenly overheat. Some older vehicles may need a thicker grade of oil to withstand the hotter temperatures under the hood. Blue smoke on idle is a tell-tale sign that the motor oil burning in the cylinder is not the correct grade of oil.


Many people neglect to check the condition of the windshield wipers. Properly functioning wipers are critical during sudden downpours. A faulty set of wipers will make visibility nearly impossible while navigating a rainstorm.

Tire Psi

Cold winter weather is known to cause tires to lose air pressure. Use a tire pressure gauge to determine if each tire has the correct air pressure. Driving on deflated tires will cause fuel efficiency to suddenly plummet. The reduced air pressure will also cause the tire to be more prone to a blowout.

Air Filter

Pop open the air box to take a quick look at the air filter. If the filter is deemed to be too dirty, immediately replace it with a new one. Clogged air filters will decrease gas mileage and engine power.


The road salts used during the winter are detrimental to your car’s paint finish. They also make the parts underneath the vehicle more susceptible to rust. Promptly wash the exterior and undercarriage of the vehicle.

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