Q&A: What Do Brake Calipers Do?

We Count On Them To Work

Our expectations of our vehicle’s brakes are pretty simple: We count on them to work. But the behind-the-scenes function responsible for this important part of every car tends to be sheathed in mystery. Allow Louetta Automotive to illuminate you:

Most vehicles have a disc-braking system. This name refers to rotors that are connected to the wheels of your car. They turn as the wheels turn. However, when you push down on the brakes, pressure is applied to the rotors, which causes your vehicle to slow down or stop.

The elements that apply pressure to the rotors are called calipers. They look a lot like a clamp… And they act a lot like a clamp, too. When you hit the brakes, the calipers “clamp down” on either side of the rotors. This is the key ingredient used in making your vehicle reduce its speed. Brake pads act as a buffer between the caliper and the rotor to prevent too much heat and friction from accumulating due to pressure.

Don’t Run The Risk Of Your Brakes Not Working

The functionality of calipers is essential. If they don’t work properly, your brakes won’t work properly. And nothing is worth that risk.

Louetta offers the professional expertise to ensure that your vehicle will always slow down on command. Our Katy, Texas brake job services are designed to help customers drive safely reliably, and effectively. If your brakes are feeling funny

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