Q&A: What Do Brake Pads Do?

Are You Grateful For Your Brake Pads?

We’ve all got a lot of gratefulness for our brakes. They’re the function that keep us — and the rest of the road — safe when we’re in our vehicles. But a lot of questions arise around the purpose of brake pads.

Every braking system features calipers, which apply pressure to our wheel rotors when we press on the brakes. This slows down the wheels and causes our vehicle to stop. Metal calipers create a lot of friction when that pressure is applied. And that’s where brake pads come in handy.

Brake pads are the “buffer layer” between your braking system’s calipers and rotors. They absorb the friction created when you press on the brakes, which enables your car to slow down safely. When the calipers apply pressure to the rotors, it’s the brake pads that actually make contact with the rotor. This prevents heat and friction buildup.

Ensure Your Brakes Run Smoothly

Unsurprising, brake pads are exposed to a lot of strain. Over time, they’ll wear down and require replacement to ensure that your brakes function smoothly and reliably. That’s where our professionals come in.

Louetta Automotive is proud to offer car owners brake repair this is reliable, convenient, and affordable. We’ll ensure that you can safely get on the road to head on your next adventure… Whether that’s to a vacation destination or the grocery story.

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