Q&A: What Happens When My Brake Line Needs to Be Replaced?

Are Your Brakes Reliable

A brake system without a functioning brake line is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the peanut butter. It simply doesn’t work.

You might laugh at the analogy, but the principle holds true. When you apply pressure on the brakes, your brake line carries brake fluid from the master cylinder, where the fluid is stored, to the brake calipers. This is what makes the calipers latch on to the rotors… And this is what makes your car slow down.

Think about how often you use your brakes when you use your car. We use them constantly – for red lights and stop signs, for crossing pedestrians, for changing lanes, for commute traffic. Your brakes are reliable because of the fluid that passes through your brake lines. This fluid is apt to get very hot, which can cause wear and tear to the line. Rust also degrades the lines. After enough time, your brake line will need to get replaced.

Drive Confidently

Louetta Automotive provides our customers brake repair services that secure the reliability of this vital function. Our brake line replacement is a convenient and efficient service; we remove the old line, replace it with a new model, and test the functionality.

We believe in giving our customers the best service. Louetta Automotive’s technicians will only return the keys to you when we’re satisfied that your vehicle is at its best condition. Get your brake line replacement and prepare to drive confidently!

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