Q&A: What Really Causes Sludge in Engine Oil?

Is Your Vehicle Exposed?

“Sludge” is what happens when the engine oil in your vehicle congeals and thickens. As your car’s engine is exposed to continuous wear, it begins to break down. This is accelerated by elements like moisture, oxygen, and unwelcome debris that find their way into the oil. When functioning properly, oil suspends buildup in its liquid makeup. As the oil ages, it loses its ability to do this, and the debris settles onto your engine and surrounding parts. When this happens, your vehicle will be exposed to the risk of clogging and contamination.

The result? A cocktail of oxidized oil and contaminants. This thick, tar-like substance is a far cry from the pure oil that belongs in your vehicle. This issue happens to both synthetic and conventional oils.

Prevent Sludge With Louetta Automotive

A car that has sludge comes with some serious risks. The most benign side effect is decreased efficiency; the biggest of is a destroyed engine. Neither are ideal outcomes.

Here’s the pro, though: The best way to prevent sludge is simple. Regular oil changes are the most effective way to prevent sludge from building up in your vehicle. Take a look at your owner’s manual to stay on track with your manufacturer’s recommended Katy, TX oil change schedule. Louetta Automotive will take care of the rest!

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