Q&A: What Should I Do if My Car Starts to Overheat

Go-To Guide For When A Car’s Engine Overheats

Virtually every driver is faced with an overheated engine at least once in their lifetime. If your temperature gauge on the dashboard begins creeping towards “H,” it’s time to pull over. Lift the hood and you might notice that the engine is smoking, which happens when it gets too hot.

Before you dive into action mode, take pause: You should never touch the engine or take action at this stage, as your engine needs to cool down. Keep the hood propped up and wait it out, then go through the following action steps:

● Check the coolant levels. The most common reason that cars overheat if because they don’t have enough coolant, also known as antifreeze, in the engine. After your vehicle has cooled, top off the coolant.
● Check your radiator hose. If this is cracked, it will cause your antifreeze to leak out before it can do its job.
● Get your vehicle to a technician. Engine overheating is a fairly normal occurrence, but if left unchecked it can have dire consequences for your vehicle. A trained technician can examine the issue and address any problem areas. Barring the chance that you’ve simply neglected to top off your antifreeze for a few months, your engine shouldn’t be overheating. If caught early on, the fix is generally straightforward and inexpensive. If you ignore it, however, it can lead to costly repairs and irreversible damage.

Remember that you can always trust Louetta Automotive with your auto repair needs. We’re proud to offer our customers effective solutions that will get them safely back on the road; should you ever find yourself with an overheated engine, you know who to call!

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