Quality Transmission Repair

The Role Of Your Car’s Transmission

A transmission is one of the most specialized components of a vehicle. The sole purpose of a car’s transmission is to transfer the engine’s power to the wheels. A faulty transmission will have a detrimental effect on the vehicle’s driving dynamics and causes the overall fuel efficiency to plummet. An unresponsive transmission is a surefire sign that something is drastically wrong with the system. In some instances, the driver may be left stranded on the side of the road if the transmission fails to engage.

How To Maintain Your Car’s Transmission

In order for the transmission to last for the long haul, it must be properly taken care of on a routine basis. This means that the transmission fluid needs to be changed regularly and the filter must be replaced at the recommended intervals. Due to the complexity of a transmission, it needs to be maintained by a highly-trained repair shop. Opting to take your vehicle to an inexperienced garage could be a recipe for disaster. Installing a brand new transmission could prove to be a very expensive undertaking.

Louetta Automotive Has Expert Technicians To Repair Transmissions

A reputable automotive repair shop such as Louetta Automotive has experienced technicians on hand that have intensive knowledge about various types of transmissions. If the customer happens to be experiencing any transmission trouble, our insightful staff will be able to quickly diagnose the problem.

If your vehicle has any symptoms of a malfunctioning transmission or is in need of maintenance, contact Louetta Automotive at your earliest convenience to have your vehicle inspected.

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