Save Money, Stay Fuel Efficient!

With record gas prices expected sooner rather than later, everyone is starting to dread pulling up to the gas station. As Americans drive more and more during the spring and summer months (exactly the time when gas prices normally peak for the year!) how can a car owner cope with these rising gas expenses without sacrificing dinner every night?

Simple Tips To Keep You More Fuel Efficient

There are a couple of steps that everyone can take to help maintain or improve fuel economy. Keeping your car clean is often overlooked but can contribute greatly to the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Washing and waxing your vehicle will reduce wind resistance. At the same time removing those boxes from the trunk (you know, the ones you’ve been meaning to take out anyways) along with other non-essential items will lighten the weight of your vehicle also making it more fuel efficient. Lastly, stay on top of your tire pressure. If your tires are under inflated it takes more energy to move your car down the road.

Don’t Forget The Engine

Keeping your engine in tip top shape also contributes greatly to the performance of your vehicle, after all this is where fuel combustion happens! When your car is properly tuned it performs better, meaning fewer harmful emissions, longer lifespan and better gas mileage. A complete tune up service includes inspecting and adjusting all of the systems that are involved in the proper combustion of fuel. Things like air filters and spark plugs are routinely changed during a tune-up and help ensure that your vehicle is combusting gas at an efficient rate.

Invest A Little, Save A Lot

The steps listed above don’t take a lot of time or money (in some cases less than your next fill-up). As gas prices continue their march upward, keeping your car as fuel efficient as possible is more important than ever!

Your local automotive experts at Louetta Automotive are here to help keep you on the road and lessen the pain at the pump. Whether you need routine service or a complete car tune-up Louetta Automotive has ASE trained technicians armed with the latest equipment ready to work for you! Contact Louetta Automotive to schedule your service today!

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