Brake Service & Repair


Perhaps the most vital mechanical component to driving safely, the brake system protects everyone on the road. Louetta Automotive safeguards you, your passengers, and your vehicle with our brake service and repair options.

Expert Brake Service

As a key component to on-the-road safety, brake repair is a job that should always be left to the experts. Louetta Automotive provides Cypress and the Greater Houston area with superior brake service, including:

  • Brake Inspections
  • Brake Repair
  • Brake Replacement

All of our technicians are ASE Certified and utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure that your brakes are reliable, long-lasting, and serviceable.

When To Schedule An Appointment

There are several factors that go into when you should have your brakes changed, and the answer may not be the same for every driver.

If you notice any of the following, it’s a good idea to schedule a brake service as soon as possible:

  • The Brake (ABS) Light On Your Dashboard Is Illuminated
  • Your Brakes Are Slow To Respond
  • The Pedal Has A Sponge-Like Quality When You Press Down
  • You Hear A Grinding Noise When You Hit The Brakes

Periodic brake system inspections from Louetta Automotive can go a long way in avoiding expensive repairs and keeping your vehicle safely on the road.

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