Car Computer and Engine Diagnostics


Today, car manufacturers embed a computer system into every vehicle. This isn’t just a sign of advancing technology; it also provides a valuable way for us to understand where your vehicle is performing well – and where it needs help. With a diagnostic service from Louetta Automotive, your vehicle will be ready to make every drive its best drive.

Complete Diagnostic Care

You can learn a lot from a diagnostic test. Our technicians apply this service like a doctor might use an annual check-up: by reading your diagnostics, we can determine exactly where your vehicle needs help. This service addresses symptoms that include:

  • Check Engine Light
  • Power Loss
  • Poor Fuel Efficiency
  • Engine Issues
  • Failed Emissions Tests
  • Other Warning Lights

Maximize Your Driving Capability

Your vehicle’s diagnostic system offers clues, and you can think of Louetta Automotive as your private detective. Our team offers complete computer and diagnostic service that will restore your vehicle to maximum capacity. We tap into the best technology to ensure you’re getting a service that will assess and address the most pressing needs of your vehicle. This includes:

  • Advanced diagnostic equipment that can perform testing on any vehicle
  • Dynamic testing to ensure that the specific needs of your make and model are met
  • Certified technicians who can read diagnostic coding with confidence
  • Complete solutions that will address any issues your diagnostic test reveals

Don’t let your driving experience be a sub-par one. Invest in your vehicle with Louetta Automotive instead. Offering complete diagnostic testing and follow-up vehicle maintenance, we ensure that you’re getting on the road in the best version of your vehicle!

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