Spring Maintenance Checklist: Radiator Flush

Spring To Do List

Springtime is about to make its debut! And as we welcome a new season to 2015, it’s a good time to think about what attention your vehicle might need. When devising this kind of list, it seems that radiator flushes are too often forgotten.

But if you want to stay cool during those quintessential Texas summers, it’s essential that your vehicle’s cooling system remain in top notch condition. A flush is one of the best ways to secure the reliability and long life of your temperature control.

Throughout the year, your vehicle’s radiator is exposed to rust blooms and debris accumulation. What’s more, old antifreeze leaves its mark on your vehicle, depositing chemicals and polluted buildup throughout the system. These factors combine and take a toll on the effectiveness of the system and can even result in lasting damage to your radiator. It’s advisable to clear them out at least once a year.

Get Your Car Ready For Spring With Louetta Automotive

When the specialists at Louetta Automotive in Katy, TX and surrounding Houston areas perform a radiator flush, we circulate brand new coolant through the system. This removes the unwanted contaminants and helps restore your radiator to its best condition. Our flush service stands in stark contrast to a radiator drain, which simply removes the old coolant. This process doesn’t remove the contaminants and buildup.

Our process is affordable, convenient, and quick. But it’s also the most effective ways to secure a breezy car ride this spring and summer!

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