Summer Maintenance Checklist

Summer Maintenance Checklist

Summer is a popular time for road trips and summer fun, but the hot season is also a rough time for your car. With proper maintenance, a car is more likely to survive the harsh summer weather. This checklist is just a basic guide, but the automotive experts at Louetta Automotive can give each car the specific care it needs to make it through the summer months.

Belts and Hoses

The summer heat and humidity can put extra stress on belts and hoses. Inspecting these elements and replacing any parts with cracks or other damage is important.


Winter is notorious for killing batteries, but summer weather can also be a burden. Having the battery inspected can ensure that a driver is not left out in the heat with a dead battery.


Drivers should check all fluids regularly in any weather, including the summer heat. Having a radiator flush and inspection before the hot weather really starts is also a good idea.


Adequate tire tread is necessary to stop safely during rainy summer driving conditions. It is also very important to check tires for cracking and unusual wear.

Air Conditioning

The car does not need air conditioning to function, but having a working air conditioner is a huge perk for summertime drivers. Before the temperature climbs too high, drivers should assess how well the system is functioning.