Taking Care of Your Elderly Vehicle – Tips for Cars Over 200K

Some things only grow better with age – and at Louetta Automotive, we think that this mantra can also apply to cars. If you’ve got an oldie but a goodie, then we have the resources to ensure that your vehicle can keep humming. After all, age (and mileage!) is just a number, right?

Schedule Regular Check-Ups

Routine maintenance appointments are essential to preserving the health of your elderly vehicle. Car owners shouldn’t think of this as auto repair, but rather like a doctor’s check-up. This is a great way to discover problems before they become too serious, save money on costly repairs, and enhance your car’s longevity in the process.

Be Aware

Trust your senses. Does something feel a little off, or is your car making a funny noise? Call in the experts! The technicians at Louetta Automotive can take a look to decide whether your car needs some help, or whether it’s just being quirky.

Say Yes To Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil might cost more, but it is a godsend to older engines. This effectively reduces unnecessary wear on your car, and helps it soar past the 200k milestone.

Keep Your Car Looking Spiffy

Simply put: Wash your car! This isn’t just for the aesthetics – though it’s a lot more fun to drive in a car that looks shiny – but also to ensure that salt and other debris don’t build up on your car. If you don’t want to bring it to the car wash, give it a quick sponge-over routinely. The process can take less than eleven minutes, but could mean extra years of life for your vehicle.

Get in touch with the Louetta Automotive auto repair experts to give your elderly vehicle the longevity it deserves!

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