The Meaning Behind the “Check Engine” Light

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

We’ve all been there before: you hop into the driver’s seat, buckle your seatbelt, put the key Untitledin the ignition, and are greeted by the blaring “Check Engine” light on your dashboard.

It’s important to understand what exactly it means when this warning is illuminated, so that you can take action to ensure safety and maximize your car’s long-life. As a part of your car’s onboard diagnostics system (ODS), the “Check Engine” feature acts as an indicator that there’s an internal problem. When the light goes on, give your car a quick once-over to see whether anything seems off. Are any lights on, or is your vehicle overheating? Many times, a loose gas cap can trigger the “Check Engine” light.

Trust The Experts At Louetta Automotive

If it still remains on after this test, then it’s time to call your mechanic. The light can be a tip-off to a range of issues, so it’s important to bring your vehicle into Louetta Automotive as soon as possible to get an evaluation. Qualified mechanics can use the ODS system to quickly diagnose and address the issue. If the check engine light is ignored, it can result in long-term and costly damage. As such, it’s important to get your car checked as soon as possible.

For your car repair needs, trust the experts at Louetta Automotive to provide you with reliable, affordable, and efficient service. We pledge to get you safely back on the road with the peace of mind that you’re in good hands!

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