The Top 4 Signs of Brake Wear

As drivers, we often have a way of second-guessing ourselves. Are we being too cautious? Not cautious enough? While the team at Louetta Automotive always subscribes to the “safety first” mantra, these are a few sure-fire tips that indicate your brakes are in need of professional attention.

1. Pulling

If you find that your car is meandering to the left or right when you apply the brakes, your brake fluid is compromised or the system has experienced uneven wear.

2. Odd Sounds

Your brakes shouldn’t make funny noises. Crunching and grinding or a sharp screech are just a few of the auditory indicators that all is not well with your brakes. A good rule of thumb: If your car regularly makes strange noises when you use your brakes, then it’s time to let a professional examine the issue.

3. Vibrations

If your car begins to vibrate when you apply pressure on the brakes, it’s a sign of warped rotors. This makes it impossible for brake pads to connect evenly with the rotors, which creates the shaking sensation. It’s also a sign that your rotors need to be replaced.

4. Unresponsiveness

Do you experience the “pedal to the metal” phenomena before you get any response from your brakes? If it’s taking a long time for your vehicle to slow down when you hit the brakes, then it’s a sign that something isn’t right. When functioning properly, your brakes should give you an immediate response – and a delay can be a risk to both yourself and other drivers.

The team at Louetta Automotive is proud to address your brake repair needs with professional expertise. Schedule an appointment today to ensure that your car is in the best condition possible! Whether you’re simply running errands or heading on a weekend road trip, you can always rest assured that you’re in good hands when you trust Louetta Automotive.

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