Tips For Avoiding Flat Tires

As a driver, you want to ensure that your car is well maintained. Since your car runs on tires, you should have your tires rotated at least once every 12,000 miles and have a technician make sure the tire pressure is at the correct inflation every two weeks. In order to avoid flat tires, take into the consideration the following points:

Winter Temperatures

Due to the fact that the air in tires is usually warmer than the outside air on a winter day, the air in the tires of your car, if it is stationary for more than eight hours during the winter, will rise to the top of the tires, and as a result, the tires will appear to be flat.

Rotating The Tires

Frequently rotating your vehicle’s tires will ensure that each of the tires wears out as quickly as the others.

Balancing The Tires

Highly experienced technicians will add small weights to the wheels of your vehicle to ensure that they don’t lean to one side and cause the treads on one side of a tire to become thin prematurely.

Adding Air

If your tire has less than 70 percent of the maximum amount of air that it can hold, it will allow the sides of the tire, which are much weaker than the thick treads, contact the ground.

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