Treating Our Female Customers with Respect

Treating Our Female Customers with Respect

We’ve all heard horror stories about unethical automotive repair shops taking advantage of customers by overcharging them, under the assumption that a customer who doesn’t have the specialized knowledge of the auto technician won’t catch them. Many women have voiced concern that, as women, they were being gouged by mechanics who thought that a woman wouldn’t know better. Surveys have shown that more than 60-85% of customers at automotive repair shops are women, so mechanics really stand to profit from this practice.

Unfair Practice

According to several reports, auto mechanics do indeed exploit the ignorance– and perception of ignorance– of customers. Car owners who make it clear that they are knowledgeable about cars are routinely charged less for repairs than customers who demonstrate ignorance. The offensive tendency to target women with this unfair practice under the assumption they’re not car-savvy has also been documented. In one undercover study, women were charged more than men who made it clear that they had little technical car knowledge.

Your gender shouldn’t become salient when you set foot into a repair shop, and shop owners shouldn’t profit from stereotyping. At Louetta Automotive, we recognize that overcharging female vehicle owners is as offensive as it is unethical. We value your business and will treat you with utmost respect, giving you great service at a fair, honest price.

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