What You Need to Know Before Your Next Oil Change

Due For An Oil Change?

It’s that time of year again! You take a peek at the mileage sticker on your front window, look down at the dashboard, and realize that your car is due for an oil change. If the next thought that flits through your mind is “But does it really need a change?” then we have the answer: Yes!

As you use your vehicle, it experiences thermal breakdown, which means that the oil thickens, losing its ability to properly lubricate the engine. This doesn’t just make your car run inefficiently, but can also spark serious engine issues. These resulting problems are almost always costly. The result? By skipping that oil change, chances are that you’ll find yourself having to spend a whole lot more money on unexpected car repairs.

Don’t Get Stuck With Unexpected Car Repairs

Remember, the mileage that cars can travel between oil changes varies from makes and models. Check your owner’s manual to get a clear idea of the recommended oil change frequency for your vehicle.

Louetta Automotive is proud to offer customers an efficient oil change service that will keep your car in prime condition and keep those unwelcome issues at arm’s length. Schedule your appointment today!

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