What’s That Smell? Warnings That It’s Time to Call Your Auto Repair Shop

We’ve all been there before. All of the sudden, we begin to notice that our car seems to have phantom following it around… And it doesn’t smell good!

Below, we’ll demystify those not-so-nice scents that should have you making a call to your favorite auto repair shop:

Rotten Eggs

It’s hard to miss this one! But it isn’t just the sulfuric smell that’s nasty; it also signifies that you might have something wrong with your catalytic convertor.


If you feel like the gas station is following you all over town, it’s good idea to call your auto repairman. This is typically linked to a fuel line leak, which could lead to permanent damage if it isn’t addressed.


Described by some as a maple syrup scent, this is what happens when you have coolant leaking. A professional will be able to locate the leak’s source.

Burning Carpet

If a sharp burning smell accompanies brake action, then it’s time to get your brake pads examined. Before you book an appointment, make sure that your e-brake isn’t engaged; this will also cause the smell!


If your car is ever giving off an unfamiliar smell, don’t hesitate to call Louetta Automotive. As the premier auto repair professional, we’re proud to provide all of our customers with top-tier service… And the peace of mind that they’re always in good hands.

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