Your Second Largest Investment

Not everyone will be able to purchase a home in their lifetime, but rates of vehicle ownership are quite high with over 250 million vehicles registered for personal use in the United States alone. This means many families have more than one car to worry about and maintain, and having any unexpected repairs on those vehicles could make an unfortunate dent in the budget.

Ensure Proper Functionality

Sticking with the recommended service and maintenance schedule for any vehicle is a vital activity to ensure the proper functionality and resale value of any vehicle. Keeping an eye on what the vehicle’s manual suggests for a proper maintenance schedule will help a vehicle owner to avoid those unexpected breakdowns and mechanical difficulties that put a vehicle in the shop for a few weeks.

Without proper maintenance on areas of a vehicle such as the brake pads or the various fluids around the engine, the efficiency of the vehicle could degrade over time and even lead to damage to various parts on the car. For example, lack of brake pad replacement could lead to damaged rotors and failure to flush the brake system on time might result in failure of the ABS.

Louetta Provides Scheduled Maintenance

As a leader in automobile repair and maintenance in the Cypress area, Louetta Automotive offers individuals seeking upkeep and care of their car or truck exceptional value in regularly scheduled maintenance. Bringing a vehicle in for servicing with Louetta will ensure that unexpected mechanical problems are very unlikely to occur.

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